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A single-purpose ISO to generate Shamir’s scheme secrets

In this post, I want to present my tool to generate Shamir scheme secrets reducing the risk of them being exposed or hacked. It consists in a single purpose ISO that can be used to start a VM or boot your PC from it once you burn it into a CD or a USB stick (preferred option).

Why bother?

In our day to day environment, we tend to install a significant amount of software and use it for activities that may have compromised our installation even without being aware of it. A malicious site may have been able to use a browser’s vulnerability to implant some malware, for example.

In our digital life, there are specific pieces of information that require very cautious handling. Access to them by malicious actors can result in big inconveniences or even financial loses. Some examples of this may be passphrases you may use for encryption, crypto wallets seed phrases, etc.

This tool helps you running in a minimal ephemeral environment which is more trustworthy.

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