Monthly Archives: June 2014

Their alternative or no alternative

It’s been a long time since I decided to focus this blog on technology issues and I haven’t manage to start posting regularly. I’m sorry for that, but reading and listening to different positions on current net neutrality issues I felt the need to write down my position on this issue and it’s a good oportunity to kick off this new stage.

After the small preface, let’s get into today’s topic. When I hear debates about net neutrality, arguments gather around two camps: the big business camp which argue that they defend net sustainability and the freedom camp which argue that proposed messures effectively kill the Internet as we know it. From my view both arguments are right, but none of the solutions proposed by either camps are valid. What I feel is that big bussiness camp utilises a particular problem around bandwith usage to change the whole model under which the Internet works without worring about (wanting to) put in place technical solutions to tackle it. The freedom camp doesn’t want to tackle it as it might bring the debate into technical proposals that might look too similar to big bussinesses’ ones from a non-technical perspective.